Empowering Women and Youth for a Peaceful Tomorrow

At the SAAF Foundation, we are dedicated to eliminating violence, inspiring positive change, and empowering women and youth to become the driving force behind a brighter and more peaceful future. Join us in our mission to create a world where potential knows no boundaries.

Promoting Positive Mind Re-Orientation

We are dedicated to educating the youth, promoting a positive mindset, and discouraging social vices to ensure a violence-free society, especially during political activities.

Advocating for Human Rights

We actively support advocacy for human rights, particularly for women and youth, to foster a sustainable and peaceful society.

Empowering the Unemployed

We empower the unemployed through capacity building and skills acquisition, enabling them to achieve self-sufficiency for sustainable community development.

Building Self-Confidence

We focus on building self-confidence in women and youth, inspiring and connecting them to achieve community, environmental, and self-actualization goals in their chosen endeavors.

About our Foundation

Who was Hon. Salome Acheju Abuh

Hon. Salome Acheju Abuh, was a courageous People Democratic Party (PDP) Woman Leader in Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria.

She was born on 17th November 1959 and paid political Supreme Price by been “BURNT ALIVE” by hired/unmasked political thugs of the All Progressive Congress (APC), on 18th November 2019, (a day, after her 60th Birthday), in her Matrimonial Home, Ochadamu, for doggedness, forthrightness and delivering her Local Government, Ofu, to her Party, PDP during the November 2019 Gubernatorial Election in Kogi State.

The SAAF Foundation was Founded in her honour to

Promote Peaceful Political Engagement

Empower Women and Youth for Sustainable Development

She was laid to rest on 7th December 2019, at Oja’ji Obala, her ancestral home, in Ofu Local Government Area of same State

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Transforming Lives Through Education

Support Project 30&6 and Empower the Future

At the Salome Acheju Abuh Foundation (SAAF), we believe in the power of education to transform lives and break the cycle of violence. Project 30&6 is our initiative to provide education and hope to sponsor 180 students in 6 rural locations, with 30 students in each village.


Educational Sponsorship


Empowering Communities


Impactful Stories from Those We've Touched

Mary Johnson


SAAF's education initiatives have given my child a chance for a better future. Their impact on our community is truly remarkable

Ahmed Hassan

Youth Beneficiary

Being a part of SAAF's programs has opened doors I never thought possible. I'm grateful for their support and mentorship.

Dr. Aisha Ahmed

Local Doctor

SAAF's healthcare access initiatives are improving lives in our rural areas. Their dedication to community health is commendable.

More than 20+ communities have put their faith in us

Success Story

Saaf sponsoring solidarity football in Ejule kogi states

In its continuous commitment to honoring the legacy of Hon. Salome Acheju Abuh and fostering unity within communities, the Salome Acheju Abuh Foundation (SAAF) proudly sponsored a remarkable solidarity football tournament in the heart of Ejule, Kogi State. This event not only celebrated the spirit of sport but also served as a reminder of the strength that can be found in togetherness.

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