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Hon. Salome Acheju Abuh

(knee Faruna)

Hon. Salome Acheju Abuh

(knee Faruna)

Hon. Mrs. Salome Acheju Abuh (knee Faruna), was born into the family of late Pa Pius Faruna Achimugwu and Mama Asimawo Rebecca Achimugwu on 17 November 1959. She is the Second of the nine children of her parent. Her father was a professional photographer, a businessman, a big farmer and devout Christian who brought their children up in the fear and knowledge of God.

Hon. Mrs. Salome Acheju Abuh attended the Local Government Education Authority Primary School Obagwu, now Ofu Local Government Area, Kogi State, between 1968-1974. She was sportish, smart young girl and social.

She got her first appointment with the Idah Local Government Council as Village Level Worker, GL. 03, in 1979 and for reason of hard work and purposefulness, got admitted to Social Development Training Centre, Zaria, 1980-1981 for the Basic Certificate in Community Development. She went for the Intermediate Certificate in Community Development at the Social Development Training Centre Katsina between 1984 to 1985, and attended the prestigious Kaduna Polytechnic between 1989- 1991 from where she obtained Diploma in Community Development and Adult Education in 1991.

A grass-root mobilizer per excellence, attended and participated in different seminars, trainings and workshops in various places. As a dedicated worker, she grew along the ranks and voluntarily retired as  Community Development Inspector (II) GL. 08, on 31 August 1998; for full business and politics.

In the course of duties/assignments as a Community Development expert, she guided the communities she was assigned to, to initiate community self-help projects/initiatives to ensure poverty alleviations. So many community projects and initiatives were embarked upon and successfully executed under her supervision. These made her to be loved by almost all the Communities she was assigned to in the Local Governments.

A serial entrepreneur and business woman, she ventured into buying selling of okrika, wrappers, jewelries and was well patronised in large markets within the zone, assisted by her foster daughter, Grace, before moving to Abuja in 2001 to join the husband who had earlier been posted to the Presidency, but never stopped doing her clothing business it rather got expanded when she came to Abuja.

Her political career emanated from business where she had grass-root links from the local market. She was introduced to politics by Late Dr. Steven Makoji Achema who asked her Husband to release her to serve her people. This, her husband granted and became the pioneer People Democrat Party (PDP) Woman Leader in Ofu Local Government Area, kogi State 1999-2003.  She delivered her area in the PDP general elections from 2004. She was elected Honourable Councilor PDP Aloji Ward Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi State in 2003.

 She was the only woman Aspirant among eight men for the House of Representatives Primary (PDP Idah Federal Constituency) in 2007 elections.  Was the only woman aspirant among Nine men for Kogi State House of Assembly PDP Ofu Constituency in 2011. She was a Special Assistant to H.E Capt. Wada on grass-root matters.

Her desire to serve her people and touch the lives of rural women and youth on a large scale made her to run for the House of Assembly Primary Election In 2018 but missed the mandate.

She had served on various campaign organizations starting from Obasanjo/Atiku, Yar’Adua/Jonathan and, Atiku/Obi Campaign Organizations at the National Levels. She ensured victories for the Party in her Local government in all elections, including Governorship Elections.

Her last assignment for Engr. Musa Wada/Aro where everyone around her knew she gave her all for the will of the people and DELIVERED the Local Government to her Party, the People Democratic Party (PDP), in the All Progressives Congress (APC) Local Government, in the presence of political carnivores –  no wonder this supreme but painful price for women, children even for the grass-root and down trodden – ‘burnt alive’ in her own her matrimonial home, Ochadamu, on 18th November, 2019.

Hon. Salome Acheju Abuh was a woman full of life, a woman who made sure things worked, she was very visible anywhere she stepped in because of the spirit she carried, she was self motivated and will pursue any good course to achieve result.

She was an open minded person and never held anyone in her mind and treated everyone equally even to her pot of soup, she opened her house for everyone and made sure she spent to her lost kobo to make people happy.

She was bold, brave, fearless, forthright woman who was never afraid to speak her mind, even in political enemies’ camps. She was proud of her lineage and of the Igala kingdom where she came from, she was a very hardworking woman who raised all her children to be productive, and contented with what they have.

She lived a fulfilled life. She left behind, her husband, Eld. Simeon Babani Seidu Abuh, JP and four graduate biological children, many foster children, grandchildren, her siblings and an aged mother who also died out of continued shock, one year after burial of her daughter. One of her sister-in-law, Caroline Abuh, she brought up also died of shock, a few months of her burial.

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